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Two-piece Dress & Jacket - Design and Hand French Embroidery (sequins and beads) by Anna Stoklosa


Dress & Jacket decorated in French Embroidery


This two piece dress and jacket (black stretchy velvet with lining), is hand decorated/sewn by needle and thread, each sequin and bead is attached separately piece by piece to create such spectacular look.


The dress design is in form of flowers and leaves in front and at the back;

The jacket design is more complex: the jacket is decorated with flaps on the bottom part of the garment - all in design (sequins and beads).



Dress length: 102 cm/40 inch

Size: M to small L


Hand wash in cold water only and dry flat - NO IRONING, NO Washer Machine, NO Dryer.


This is final purchase, no refunds, no exchanges.


Enjoy wearing one of a kind dress and jacket !!!

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