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Baby Valentine Set 1


"Baby Valentine Set 1" is Designed, Hand Created/Knitted by Anna Stoklosa, Designer (also there is pattern available, please contact if pattern is needed).

The Dress is made in shape of a flower from 100% soft acrylic, also with addition of metalic red thread to add shine.

The Sweater/Cardigan is made in two colour: white and corresponding red to match the dress.

Dress Size:

Chest = 19.5" [50cm]

Length (chest down to tip of the flower) = 16.5" [42cm]

Straps (folded) = 4" [10cm]

Sweater / Cardigan Size :

Chest = 27" [69cm]

Shoulders = 10.5" [27cm]

Sleeves = 11" [28cm]

Length = 12.5" [32cm]

Wash in cold water, dry flat, NO IRON

Enjoy wearing the Baby Valentine Set 1

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